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Asian Records Academy is the global showcase that projects the awesome power of the human being and highlights the achievement of individuals. Just about any individual can be the Asia’s best in his or her own sphere and this academy assays to highlight the incredible feats and performances of these great people who go beyond in their specific activities.

The focus on raising the level of human excellence is the objective of Asian Records Academy. We adjudge and certify the human feats and special events that need applaud and publish journals and by registry of Asian records. We have set ourselves with high standards and carry out judicious monitoring of the human performances and endorse them. We aim to certify records that are the benchmark of human accomplishments and go beyond to sponsor the ordinary people into the extraordinary.

Incepted in 1994 the academy has all along supported people in their endeavour to stand apart from the crowd and has led them on the trail of high adventure. The time has now arrived for us to get ourselves up front and proclaim to the world at large. Our efforts that have contributed to the well being of those greats who hog the limelight.

Asian Records Academy is on the threshold to make its presence felt immensely in the regions of Indonesia, India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle Eas. Further plans are on the anvil to spread out even further around the globe.

Regular gatherings for Asian record holders are held to educate and enlighten them to go beyond and set new Asian records. The focus is to encourage them to make their potential to come to the fore and set benchmarks.