Mode Of Application


Provide complete details of the proposed record that you desire to set. The First Mode of application is the ‘Standard Application’ and the other is the ‘Fast Track Service’.

Standard Application comes free to you and the process time is four weeks.

Fast Track Service takes three working days for process. The process time could vary subject to factors like feat, expert opinion and other issues in the context. If the necessity arises our personnel will contact you and wrap up the total process. You will be intimated through a confirmatory email no sooner than our team makes a decision. Fast Track Mode of Application will involve a Fee of 750 Singapore Dollars and on the receipt of the same you will be provided with the Guidelines Pack which will contain the rules and regulations to be followed during the record attempt along with the Record Identification Number and current record for your category. In the instance that your application does not go through, you will be intimated with reasons thereof.

Incase if you have opted for a Standard Application in the earlier stage and have submitted the necessary evidences for approval of the record attempt after completion and at this stage if you wish to upgrade your application to Fast Review then this process will involve a Fee of 500 Singapore Dollars and on the receipt of the same your evidences will be reviewed in five working days and the results will be updated.