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Asian Records Academy provides you with an onsite record certification. You need to submit a separate application at our official website to make use of the adjudication facility. The application should be duly filled in with full details of your Record Attempt and the event that you wish to participate. Asian Records Academy will ensure to verify and certify the Record Attempt by having the services of an official adjudicator on the spot during the event. Having our official adjudicator helps you get your results immediately. Your achievement is authenticated on the spot and boosts your image in the presence of the adjudicator. Your success gets wide publicity instantly in the media and the adjudication service ensures recognition and even better coverage.


 Spot verification of the record by our trained adjudicator.
 Our adjudicator will provide the official certificate on the spot on achievement of the record.
 The certification function will be Presided by the official adjudicator.
 An article with details and highlights will be posted prominently on our official website.


Asian Records Academy provides you this service on a paid basis. The cost will vary according to the package you select, location of the event, the number of events and number of adjudicators needed and the duration. The organizers have to bear the expenses incurred for travel and stay for the adjudicators. The normal fee for an adjudicator is 2000 Singapore Dollars and the overall cost will depend on the number of days, travel and the number of record attempts. This will be reckoned on the receipt of the application. The payment for Adjudication service should be made online through our secured payment gateway